Because when nature's inspiration meets human innovation anything is possible!

We are a small group of innovators and designers with a passion for finding elegant and sustainable solutions to a myriad of challenges with a focus on horticultural solutions. This project began because of a garden with a problem, or at least it started that way. But what began as one small pest problem spiraled into an all-out war, complete with an escalating arms race! We were locked in an epic struggle against the very forces of nature, that is, until we stopped, stepped back and looked at the bigger picture.


Once we opened our eyes, we could see nature had already solved the challenges we were facing, and when all the pieces were in place, those solutions were both elegant and robust. This revelation changed our entire approach. We learned to work with nature rather than against it, to see ourselves as part of a system of balances where every part has a role to play. We created Living Planet Solutions because we believe this is a better way; 


We believe that real solutions consider all of the implications of using them and that they should work with nature to be in harmony with the ecosystems they impact, strengthening and enhancing them. Most importantly they should solve the challenges of both today and tomorrow. Solutions that people want to use because they make life better now, not just because they might help one day.

Living Planet Solutions is in fact, simply a way for us to share our passion by bringing our solutions to the rest of the world. We are located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and find constant inspiration in the incredible abundance of living systems that call this part of the world their home. We are still in the very early stages of start-up and are still a bit rough around the edges, but we feel that our solutions can make a real difference!

This is the philosophy that drives us, and is the core principle behind any system we develop, for ourselves or when solving challenges for our clients. Systems that, when implemented make life better, not just for us, but for the entire planet!

Got a burning question? We'd love to hear from you!

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