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Balance Bac.-Biologically Active Engineered Humus.

Balance Bac.

Balance Bac. is an engineered humus focused on restoring soil balance and improving plant health by promoting an ideal environment for the development of a rich synergistic microbiome in both the rhizosphere and endosphere. It also optimizes water retention, availability, and drainage and nutrient exchange properties.

Ultimately this means a more productive soil with;

  • a very low permanent wilting point

  • excellent infiltration

  • excellent drainage with a nearly ideal field capacity of 60%

  • good resistance to evaporation

  • excellent pathogen resistance

  • excellent nutrient retention and availability

  • decreased fertilizer requirements

  • excellent ph buffering properties

  • shorter maturation times 

  • and ultimately higher yields!


What this all translates to is; Balance Bac. makes it easy to grow healthy vibrant plants while saving both time and money!

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