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Oxygenated Organic Refuse Bio-remediation System.

Nature's fury, harnessed.

Leveraging the power behind hurricanes and tornadoes, the OORB system revolutionizes organic waste management. From sewage treatment to composting, it's streamlined and efficient, ensuring waste stays out of landfills and waterways, preserving our planet for the next generations.
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Trees From Above
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Machinery in a Physics Lab
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Beautiful Nature
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Bioremediation - Natures Way

The O.O.R.B. system emulates the dynamic environment of fast-moving rapids, optimized for the growth of specific bacteria and micro-organisms. This design ensures nutrient release in plant-absorbable forms and pathogen control, mirroring nature's method of organic waste recycling and stream purification.

*Click the image to explore nature's pollution-cleaning mechanisms 

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O.O.R.B.S. refines nature's methods, utilizing the physics behind storm cloud formation to create intense pressure gradients. This generates potent countercurrent flows, saturating the system's fluid with oxygen. Once in the reactor, this super-saturated fluid releases oxygen, blanketing contents in tiny bubbles of air. The outcome? An unparalleled system boasting estimated oxygen transfer rates upwards of 20kg per Kw/hr!

Forest Trees
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How does O.O.R.B.S. stack up against other methods?

O.O.R.B.S. represents the forefront of innovation, boasting significant preliminary successes. As we approach the culmination of its development, its transformative potential is evident.

We invite forward-thinking institutions, universities, and governmental bodies to collaborate. Pioneering this journey offers a unique opportunity to shape and refine a system poised to redefine the sector.

Your expertise and feedback will be pivotal in fine-tuning production strategies and maximizing impact. Let's co-create the future and drive meaningful change. Partner with us to realize the unparalleled potential of O.O.R.B.S.


Together we can be the solution!

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So What Now?

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