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Nature's fury, in a bottle.

O.O.R.B.S. is a revolutionary new technology that harnesses the same natural processes responsible for the awesome fury of hurricanes and tornadoes but uses them to solve the problems of organic waste pollution by creating a storm in a bottle!


This hurricane of water and air is able to unleash the incredible power of oxygen unlike anything before, allowing O.O.R.B.S. to rapidly break down any type of organic waste, without unpleasant odors, hard work, or pest problems.


From meat, bones, and eggshells to coffee filters and avocado pits, simply dispose of waste in one end and get clean water and an incredible soil-enriching fertilizer out the other.


A single solution for everything from sewage treatment to composting; No extra steps, nothing to add, nothing to monitor, nothing to change.


but best of all it makes it easy to keep organic waste out of landfills and waterways, allowing you to instead return the nutrients back to the soil where they belong, protecting our amazing living planet for generations to come!

Harness The Storm!

Oxygenated Organic Refuse Bio-remediation System.

The O.O.R.B.S. Advantage

  • keeps organic waste out of landfills

  • Produces sustainable organic fertilizer

  • Helps restore life and productivity to soil

  • Drastically reduces greenhouse gas production

  • Eliminates production of  dangerous gasses

  • Eliminates environmental  leaching

  • Can neutralize harmful pathogens

  • Reduces the footprint needed to compost

  • Simple and easy to operate

  • Uses 100% natural processes, no chemicals

  • Handles ALL types of organic waste

  • Handles solid waste whole

  • No need to pre-sort

  • No need to turn or rotate

  • No internal moving parts to break down



  • Fast!

  • Put waste in, get fertilizer out!

  • Extreme efficiency

  • scalable to suit growing needs

Wild Nature
Beautiful Nature

Bioremediation - Natures Way

The O.O.R.B. system was designed to ensure the right environment for the growth and proliferation of the specific bacteria and micro-organisms that are necessary for the release of nutrients in the correct form for absorption by plants and the control of pathogens. Essentially O.O.R.B.S. is an idealized version of the environment found in fast moving rapids, and by looking closer we can see how nature uses these elements to recycle organic waste and clean a polluted stream.

*Click on the picture to look closer at the systems nature uses to clean up pollution 

O.O.R.B.S. works on these same principles, but in a much more controlled way. By harnessing the same physics that governs the formation of storm clouds, strong pressure gradients develop inside the system. These pressure gradients are then used to establish powerful countercurrent flow patterns that dissolve incredible amounts of oxygen into the fluid in the system. The fluid becomes so saturated that once it is introduced into the reactor the oxygen condenses out onto the contents, covering them in tiny bubbles of air. The result is a system with unprecedented levels of efficiency with oxygen transfer rates approaching 20kg of oxygen per Kw/hr!

Want to know more? Click the link to learn exactly how O.O.R.B.S. works and the fascinating science behind the system.

Forest Trees

How does O.O.R.B.S. stack up against other methods?

So what now?

So far the system has been phenomenally successful, but we're not quite done yet!

O.O.R.B.S. is still in the very late stages of development and has yet to be implemented.

However, our ongoing market assessment has shown just how much of an enormous impact this technology can make.


To illustrate this potential we have prepared a powerpoint presentation to demonstrate how much could be saved by a single wastewater treatment plant by switching to an O.O.R.B.S. based system. The full presentation is available for download here.

But to realize this system's full potential we need outside involvement.

we are currently looking for individuals who would like to be one of the first to put this system to the test! We will be looking for feedback and suggestions so we can work out final details before determining production methods, and the best way to see this get out and make a difference.


We are also looking to form partnerships with groups or individuals with experience implementing similar systems or bringing similar products to market.



Still curious? Click here to check out the O.O.R.B.S photo gallery

Together we can be the solution!
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