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Rhizosphere enriching root inoculant.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Planet.

Feed your soil

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SymBiota is free of synthetic chemicals containing only 100% natural organic nutrients, beneficial microbes, natural enzymes, biostimulants and microbial metabolites, that all work in concert to optimize the healthy growth and yield of your plants  


Made from recycled food scraps


SymBiota stops food waste from going to a landfill where it will contribute to global greenhouse gas production and instead recycles it into a probiotic rich plant food that’s ready to help the next generation of plants to grow.

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use anywhere 

 Can be used on: 

Vegtables, Fruit, Herbs, House Plants, Lawns, Flowers, Shubs or even Cannabis.


Plant Food, Foliar Spray, Soil Amendment or Root Inoculant.

Our Technology

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The way nature intended

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Planet.

Made from reclaimed agricultural and consumer organic waste residues, SymBiota, our rhizosphere enriching root inoculant, is a unique all in one solution for any cultivation environment.

By diverting and recapturing nutrients from organic waste residue streams BEFORE they make their way into landfills, SymBiota restores the natural nutrient cycle, providing a viable path towards true sustainability and regenerative agriculture.

Produced using our very own OORBS bioreactors, SymBiota is rich in macro and micro nutrients, humic acids, protein hydrolysates, organic carbon, enzymes, plant growth hormones, and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria.

Soil health is plant health, and SymBiota will actively feed your soil. Used regularly SymBiota improves yields, increases soil biodiversity, and increases pest and pathogen resistance,  all while helping to reduce global greenhouse emissions, ecosystem destruction, and global resource depletion

SymBiota; Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Planet.

How Its Made

How Its Made

Step 1:  Rescue Food Scraps

It all starts with collecting nutrient rich food scrap from restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, etc. 

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Step 2:  Toss them into the Biodigester

These then get broken down in our patented aerobic biodigesters. Our odour free reactor technology can even process items like bones, meat, fat and oils.

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Step 3:  Bottling the Nutrients

The finished product is a nutrient & probiotic rich liquid that's ready for use​.
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