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To date, this project has led to some incredible innovations, and it has the promise to create many more, but to see it to its full potential there is still a long road ahead.


There are still bumps to work out, and plenty of room for improvement. We will need to conduct additional testing with better controls, identify specific organisms and their roles, expand the scale of production, build better prototypes, and lastly create strategies to actually implement the solutions discovered.

This is a challenge that we are willing to take on, but we cannot do it alone.


This project needs others to get involved, so Living Planet Solutions was created as a platform to allow others to educate themselves, and join us in making a difference.


We are currently looking to build partnerships to help with research and testing, marketing and fundraising, and manufacturing and prototyping.


However, you can still get involved even without any technical skills or resources by helping to fund this project.

Once launched, you can contribute to our crowdfunding campaign, or you can donate now through PayPal.


Together we can be the solution!


For more information contact us at 

Thank you for your support!

Get Involved Today!

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