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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein

As we probe ever deeper into the stars, finding planet after planet, we look to find some trace of life, another planet like ours, but instead we find that this pale blue spec is unique; An island alone in a vast universe full of gas and rock, the earth is truly a miracle planet. -A Living Planet

In many ways, Earth is like a living breathing organism, comprised of a complex system of ecosystems all working together to maintain balance. The more diverse and vibrant these ecosystems, the more robust the biosphere. To each ying, a yang. Should one part slide out of balance another mechanism exists to restore the balance; to reset the harmony that keeps the planet alive and allows the cycle of life to persist.


The planet is so good at this that nearly every atom of carbon in your body, every breath of air you breathe, every drop of water you drink has been on this planet since the day it formed; Recycled and reused over and over again.

These ecosystems sustain and support us, yet we take them for granted. It has been estimated that the value of the services provided to humanity, for free, by our environment would exceed 47 trillion dollars a year! But up until now, we have rarely considered our relationship to nature when solving our problems.


We have tried to go it on our own, looking to see how we can use nature rather than how we can learn from and work with nature. This approach has led to solutions which simply trade one problem for another.

It is time to change that!

Living Planet

We created Living Planet Solutions because we believe there is a better way; That the best answers to our problems already exist all around us.


We believe that real solutions consider all of the implications of using them and that they should work with nature to be in harmony with the ecosystems they impact, strengthening and enhancing them. Most importantly they should solve the challenges of both today and tomorrow.


Solutions that people want to use because they make life better now, not just because they might help one day.


Because when nature's inspiration meets human innovation anything is possible!

Living Planet Solutons

The Big Picture

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