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Living planet solutions greenhouse

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The nature of this project has meant that all aspects of the horticultural/agricultural system had to be viewed through a very wide lens and has often meant completely rethinking the approach. 

These insights became the basis for our revolutionary approach to horticulture and waste management. An integrated ecologically balanced approach.


The idea is simple; focus on the environmental conditions that support the desired ecosystem, particularly that of soils microbiome, ensure a high degree of diversity, and plants would naturally become healthier, more robust, and more productive! 


We started this project as a research and testing ground for this idea and the results have been amazing!


Over the last 3 years, this project has seen some incredible returns, with significant increases in yields, successful seed starts, and pest and disease resistance, as well as significant reductions in maturation times, plant loss, and most importantly cost.

Living planet solutions garden

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Each piece of the puzzle had to consider how it fit into the bigger picture. Every solution had to integrate seamlessly into the ecosystem. This has led to a series of innovations that, despite being able to stand alone, perfectly complement each other creating self-sustaining loops.

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