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Results of sustainable horticulture

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The result has been a system that truly works in harmony with natural processes, and the results have been astounding!

On average we have seen both a 1/3 reduction in maturation times AND a 30-40% increase in yields over controls.

Pathogens are nearly non-existent and pests, although still present, are never a problem. Instead, they play a major role in the food web, maintaining balance and stimulating plant vigour.

This project has become a model for what truly sustainable horticulture can be, and will undoubtedly be a source of new innovations for years to come. But to actually make a difference, this project needs to grow, to be shared, and to be a source of information and inspiration.


It is our hope that by sharing this information we can engage with others and start a dialogue. We want to make it easier for everyone to live sustainably. Because a healthy ecosystem is made up of healthy communities.


So together let’s build a better community and a brighter future!


Check back often and we will post updates and pictures of our progress and we'll share tips and tricks so you can start to see for yourself the difference this approach can make.

Or get involved by helping us to expand this project and develop these systems to a point where they can start to be adopted across the entire industry!


Because when natures inspiration meets human innovation, anything is possible!

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